D-Robots and Delphi Robot Rage

The last session of CodeRage ][ (now FREE!) is the Delphi Robot Rage. This is your opportunity to show off your amazing Delphi programming skills. Download D-Robots and build your robot to compete in a Death Match on the Light Plaza map against one or more robots created by other participants. There will be amazing prizes (undisclosed as of yet), but of course the best prize will be having your amazing programming skills shown off to the world.


  1. Robot must have unsecured source (no password, or password must be provided), although the source will not be revealed until after the challenge is completed.
  2. If a unique skin is not used for your robot, then a new skin may be assigned to your robot for visual identification.
  3. Competition is open to everyone. No purchase necessary. Not required to be in attendance at CodeRage II to enter or win, although that is the best way to see the action!
  4. Email your robot to me (delphirobotrage@davinciunltd.com), and I will reply with acknowledgment. If I don’t reply, I didn’t receive it.

Deadline for submissions: November 26th, 2007 – midnight Pacific Time

Notice: There is an incompatibility between D-Robots and some video drivers (maybe just ATI). No known work around. It does work in a virtual machine, but your frame rate will be very poor.

If you submit your robot early enough, you might get some feedback from a practice round.

Short intro video online & Partial list of prizes.

Questions? Comments?

6 Responses to “D-Robots and Delphi Robot Rage”

  1. Lachlan Gemmell says:

    So I write a pas file as described in the helpfile then what do I do with it? How do I run it?

  2. Jim McKeeth says:

    I’ll post some more detailed info tonight. There is an editor that is included with D-Robots. It will run your robot from within there too.

  3. Ken Adam says:

    I tried a quick bot this morning, but it seems that if I put “BOT_” calls inside a procedure, they do not return. (bot gets stuck doing last action, and no “log” messages are printed)
    Simply pasting the code inline works as expected.

    Is there something special I need to do?

  4. Michael says:

    Coincidentally, that’s what I’m seeing as well – even for something as simple as BOT_GET_X. It just freezes in-place.

    Not all internal functions do this, though, only seems to be the BOT_* ones. I wrote a small WriteLog procedure to call Log with a prefix to the given string (to more easily tell my logs apart from the other bots), and that works fine.

  5. Jim McKeeth says:

    That appears to be a limitation. I haven’t found a work around yet.

  6. Ken Adam says:

    Have you established any of the (undocumented) limitations/meanings of some of the parameter values?
    I assume that “accel” must be less than 1 (from the values returned by GET), but I don’t have any feel for the impact of (e.g.) sensitivity.
    I ended up spending all day yesterday experimenting – and I still tend to get stuck against walls but with BOT_OBSTACLED returning false.

    I presume the original author has abandoned the project, since his website hasn’t been updated in a long time. Pity there is no source to develop this further (a running scoreboard would be interesting, for example).

    (And yes, I’d also written a log wrapper which works)