Advanced Downloads with Delphi

The following code samples for Advanced Downloads are in the Delphi Programming language and use the Indy library. However, the information, links and samples are language agnostic. The code samples could be easily adapted to any language with a good socket library.

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  • HTTP
    • Web Sniffer is a web site that allows you to inspect HTTP requests and headers.
    • HTTP Header script samples that show how to do HTTP requests, including range requests via telnet (which isn’t installed on Vista by default.)
    • HTTP Range Demo in Delphi demonstrates how to download parts from multiple different files and combine them into a single file. Uses colorized versions of the same bmp, pulled from the same server. The result is a rainbow image.
    • HTTP Fiddler acts as a proxy between your client and the server and allows you to view, debug, and modify the requests and responses.
  • FTP Chunker Demo demonstrates how to download a portion of a file (beginning, middle, end, etc.) or resume a broken download via FTP.
  • BITS (Background Intelligent Download Service)
    • BITS in Delphi resources and demos. Includes the C header file and COM TLB for many languages.
    • BITS Demo in the Delphi Programming language.
    • BITS Admin & SDK download links. BITS Admin comes with Vista or the Platform SDK.
    • Updated BITS Headers download the v3.0 BITS headers, TLBs and Object Pascal wrappers.

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